Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)


Created and Produced by Amber Sellers and Tori Holmes.

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All college students experience some sort of internal and/or external pressure to reach their definition of success. Family members, friends, professors, future employers, coaches, student organizations, and most importantly, students themselves expect certain behaviors to lead to a successful collegiate career (Newton, 2000). This video highlights the experiences and viewpoints of one student’s struggle with residual stress and offers support resources found on most campuses across the country. With the prevalence of stress and anxiety related disorders found within today’s collegiate population (Levine, 2005), this video hopes to raise awareness and assist struggling students who are seeking relief by providing possible options.


Health Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services

Pressure to Succed Tori and Amber.wmv (94957 kB)
Overcoming the Pressure to Succeed in Higher Education