Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)


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While much of the emphasis on cyberbullying has been on elementary and adolescent youth, there is growing evidence that it is happening at the college level as well. Students, faculty members, and administration have all been affected by cyberbullying, which at times, has resulted in ruined personal and professional reputations. It is difficult to grasp how often cyberbullying happens amongst adults, because they are usually too embarrassed to come forward. According to Working to Halt Online Abuse’s 2010 Cyberbullying Statistics, those in the 18-30 age range had been victimized most often. Increasingly, research is being presented that shows that many students are victims of cyberbullying, and more needs to be done to protect them, and educate those who perpetuate this harmful practice.


Student Counseling and Personnel Services

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