Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)


Video pamphlet project, spring 2014, CNS: 577


College is a great opportunity for students of all ages and diverse populations. The overall goal of attending college is to graduate and obtain an associate, bachelors, masters, and/or Ph.D. degree. For many students in their final year upon graduation, they may feel overwhelmed with all of the requirements and suggested actions they should take before they actually walk across the stage to receive their degree. The importance of this video pamphlet is to assist students with all the suggested and required actions in order to secure they will graduate and transition to either graduate school or the professional world successfully. The video will cover such actions as visiting the financial aid office to learn more about loan repayment options, setting meetings with professional references, talking with an advisor, and checking university account for holds as well as applying for graduation. It also covers visiting the university’s career services for professional development and resume building. Alongside the video pamphlet includes the handout that is accessible for in-depth steps towards graduation.


Student Counseling and Personnel Services

Steps Toward Graduation_jamon and jasmine's project.wmv (271358 kB)
Steps Toward Graduation video