Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)


Video pamphlet Project, spring 2013, CNS: 577


Years ago, college students had to solve their own problems with the help of campus staff. Today’s college student has access to technology that makes it easier than ever for students to reach out to their parents for assistance (Cohen, 2010). The high level of involvement that parents have in their student’s college experience isn’t a good or bad thing but it does require universities and their staff to communicate both with the student and the parent. How do parents balance the relationship with their student with the need for the student to become their own person (Coburn & Treeger, 2003)? Providing parents with an orientation to being the parent of a college student is just as important as providing orientation to the student themselves. Developing a partnership with the parent and the university community will only further increase a student’s opportunity for success.

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A Parent and Family Guide to College Years