Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)

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Across the country, incoming students are bombarded with questions and choices the minute they apply for college. Their biggest decision (and arguably their most important) is their choice of major. For some students, it may be a no-brainer, but for most, choosing a major is a difficult decision that requires more thought and guidance than many people realize. Many students are pressured into choosing a major right away by high school advisors, parents, college administration, and friends. According to a study conducted by Matthew Foraker from Western Kentucky University, students who completed one or two semesters of college before declaring a major tend to have higher graduation rates than students who choose their major at the start of their first year. This video is designed to inform college students and their parents about the guidelines and process of choosing a college major, the timelines and options available, and the most effective time to do so.


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