Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)

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In 2015, average student debt for graduates is higher than ever, even as the negative effects of outstanding student loan burdens – increased anxiety, reduced economic power, and delayed adult milestones – become increasingly well-documented (“Life Delayed”, 2013; Lusardi, 2010; Sparshott, 2015). A great number of programs, practices, and tips exist to help students cut costs and reduce the need for loans, but incoming college students are inadequately informed of these due to high student-to-high school counselor ratios and limited college-sponsored advising. This video presents to incoming college freshmen multiple expense-reducing ideas that are often missed in the current student advising climate, including strategic use of community college credit, national scholarship searches, work study programs, service programs, employers that provide tuition-assistance, resident assistantships, and joint bachelors/masters programs.


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