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Roommate Conflicts [video]


This video pamphlet collection, Understanding Issues Related to Today’s College Student, was compiled and produced by graduate students enrolled in CNS577 (Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals; Spring 2010). The videos are designed to bring awareness, propose implications, and offer helpful advice regarding a variety of issues that could impact the emotional, physical and mental well-being of today’s college student.
These videos cover an array of topics that will give you a sense of the many challenges facing life as a college student today. Our hope is that these videos can serve as a practical resource for college-bound high school students, current college students, parents and guardians, concerned friends, higher education professionals and others who desire information to provide awareness and offer assistance to those in need.
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University freshman are entering into a myriad of new experiences. Some are exciting, some are stressful and some are plain scary. Moving into a residence hall and living with a stranger can often be a combination of all three.
Living away from home and having a roommate can be an easy transition with just a little preparation. We made this video pamphlet in hopes that it will give university freshman ideas of how to move away from home for the first time and how to communicate with their roommate(s) in order to have as smooth of a transition as possible.


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Roommate conflicts video

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