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For professionals in higher education, it is our responsibility to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of technology at our colleges and universities. In order to provide the best and most convenient services, it is our objective to continue to expand the walls of higher education into the global boundaries of technology. For the purpose of this paper, the Ginsburg Group has focused on five different areas regarding the use of technology. In these areas, the information provided is our thoughts and best advice in how institutions of higher learning can avoid the courtroom. The following pages will dive into information on a wide variety of topics that the Ginsburg Group felt was important in discussing “How to Stay Out of Court.” Each chapter presented will contain information regarding the topic and then will finish with reference for that chapter. The five chapters we broke the information down to are: &#; Chapter One: FERPA &#; Chapter Two: Electronic Communication &#; Chapter Three: Plagiarism &#; Chapter Four: Electronic Content &#; Chapter Five: Outsourced Technology As a group, it is important to note that we are students in a Counseling and Student Affairs course who are putting our best attempt forward in regards to the law. The information we are providing in the pages to follow are the culmination of a semester of information received in our Counseling and Student Affairs course that is titled “Parameters of Law/Student Affairs.” When it comes down the specifics of each area, it is always smart to consult your university attorney. Thanks for taking time to read our information on “How to Stay Out of Court.” Sincerely, The Ginsburg Group Jennifer Ballard, Lee Maglinger, Alisha Orosz, Mandy Skinner, Kevin Thomas


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