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Crisis Management in higher education is often unpredictable. It requires immediate decision making and quick resolution based on the outcome of an event that has taken place. Institutions have an obligation to reduce uncertainty in the event of crisis and to mitigate the circumstances of potential volatile situations. A crisis management policy should be established and implemented in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all. In the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, a report was provided to the President of Virginia Tech that stated “a strong, vibrant and supportive community is essential in ensuring a safe campus environment. An environment that promotes civility, works toward the acceptance of others‟ differences, strives to include rather than exclude and provides assistance to those in need is fundamental to a safe campus” (Rinehart, 2007). This assignment will cover and provide tips on crises currently facing institutions such as: campus security; fraud; disruptive behavior; cheating/theft; technology, rape/assault; hazing and binge drinking; natural disasters; media relations/communication; and training.


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