Collections & Connections

Publication Date

Spring 7-2015


Collections & Connections is a bi-annual newsletter of WKU Libraries. This Spring-Summer 2015 issue features another successful book fest organized by the partnership of WKU Libraries, WC Public Library, and the Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Diana Gabaldon, an author known for her Outlander series, is featured in an headline article and so is Kiran Bhatraju, who received this year's Kentucky Literary Award.

Another article features the announcement of the launch of Kentucky Research Commons by WKU Libraries as well as the publication of the new Faith Community Nursing journal on its own digital institutional repository known as TopSCHOLAR.

Yet another article highlights WKU Libraries' literary and community outreach efforts that include Far Away Places and Kentucky Live! speaker series.

In the "Spotlight" section, WKU Libraries says goodbye to former Literary Outreach Coordinator Kristie Lowry, who has taken a new position elsewhere in the country, and former Technological Consultant David Runner, who unfortunately passed away.

Other library activities and the achievements made by library faculty and staff are also listed at the conclusion of the newsletter.


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