Collections & Connections

Publication Date

Winter 2016


Editors: Jennifer Wilson & Connie Foster

Designer: Patric Peters

Contributors: Bryan Carson, Brian Coutts, Laura DeLancey Connie Foster, Deana Groves, Jonathan Jeffrey, Alan Logsdon, Sara McCaslin, Daniel Peach, Todd Seguin, Roxanne Spencer, Sandy Staebell , Sara Volpi, Jennifer Wilson, and Haiwang Yuan


Collections & Connections is a bi-annual publication of the Western Kentucky University Libraries featuring the Libraries' events with a view of reaching out to the Libraries supporters in the community. This issue highlights inaugural Open Access Hall of Fame inductees, TopSCHOLAR highlights, International Year of South Africa, SOKY reads, Evelyn Thurman young readers book award, SOKY Bookfest.


Library and Information Science | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Relations and Advertising