This paper was presented at the International Symposium on Language and Communication: Research Trends and Challenges, Izmir, Turkey, June 2012 and is posted with permission of the authors.


Language and communication provide great challenges in a global world. New trends in communicating effectively across cultural and geographic boundaries face inherent and often subtle barriers. Generally, communicators do not even realize that they have missed hidden cues until the occasion and opportunity have passed. Enhancing communication requires an individual or group to understand the underlying concepts upon which the language and communication practices depend; these concepts also serve as the basic elements for developing social, economic, educational, political, and other related structures. These underlying concepts form our world views. Comprehending the complex interconnections between language and communication and these related sub-fields relies on recognizing the world view concepts that underlie these connections. In this research paper we offer the following research question: what knowledge or understanding is required for effective communication across cultural differences? And we use Ubuntu as an example of world view’s impact on human communication and structure.


Communication | Critical and Cultural Studies | International and Intercultural Communication | Social Influence and Political Communication