Publication Date

Spring 2017

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Antony D. Norman (Director), Kelly Davis, Marguerita DeSander, and Gary Houchens

Degree Program

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Degree Type

Doctor of Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate to what extent the mindset of students with disabilities relates to their Student Growth Percentile (SGP) on the K-PREP in both reading and math. In addition to exploring the influence of student mindset on academic growth, the study also examined if a correlation exists between teacher mindsets and mindsets of their students. This quantitative study utilized 2015 K-PREP assessment data from the Kentucky Department of Education and a mindset survey developed by the researcher. Participants for this study included 145 middle school students with disabilities and 46 middle school teachers from six districts within the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative.

Results from this study indicate that a student’s mindset scale score does have a small predictive value on both reading and math SGPs. Those having a growth mindset are predicted to have a significantly higher SGP. Results indicated an inverse relationship between teachers’ mindset and students’ mindset at the school level. This study suggests that one way in which to close the achievement gap for students with disabilities is addressing psychological barriers and promoting a growth mindset.


Disability and Equity in Education | Elementary Education