Publication Date

Spring 2017

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Randall Capps (Director), Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe, and David Ciochetty

Degree Program

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Degree Type

Doctor of Education


The purpose of this study is to determine whether administrators and supervisors in the field of radiology technology receive leadership training as part of their job and whether there is a significant difference for those who do not receive training. If no training is received, does promotion to a leadership position based on technical proficiency or longevity relate to successful leadership characteristics? Currently, no leadership courses are offered in undergraduate or graduate degrees focused on Radiology Technology. Radiologic technologists are required to choose between advanced degrees in imaging to become more technically proficient or advanced degrees in management or business not specific to radiology in order to gain leadership education.

The study also focuses on the demographics of radiological managers who recognize their need for leadership training and perceived barriers to leadership development within the radiology technology field. Leaders who are not prepared to lead result in increased employee attrition, which directly affects patient care. Four primary research questions guide this quantitative study, which seeks to establish the need for formal and continued education in leadership development at the collegiate level as well as the organizational level.

The results of this study reveal significant differences in leadership characteristics of administrators and supervisors who received formal education and those who did not. The research also showed no relationship with organizations that offer leadership development and voluntary resignations. Demographic characteristics were seen that were significant to radiologic technologists who exhibit high need for leadership development.

Implications of this research could include introducing leadership courses within the graduate level degrees specific for radiology technology. A recommendation would be to target the organizations and to offer leadership development training, which was indicated from demographics of the participants who responded with high need for leadership characteristic development.


Leadership Studies | Organization Development