Publication Date

Summer 2019

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Aaron Hughey (Director), Monica Burke, and Maggie Schmid Shelton

Degree Program

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Degree Type

Doctor of Education


This purpose of the research study is two-fold. The first aim is to establish strategies that can guide community colleges interested in the implementation of a mandated First Year Experience course as well as to identify barriers community colleges may encounter to help them move from desiring a mandated student success course to acting to create one. It is widely believed that student success course helps students learn to be successful, but it is not a widely accepted practice to mandate it for all students.

The second objective is to add to the limited body of research. A nonexperimental descriptive design approach was utilized as the researcher was seeking to describe a variable which was the stakeholder perceptions of the implementation of a mandated community college First Year Experience course. The current findings add to a growing body of literature on community college research, and the research findings have practical applications. Despite its exploratory nature, this study offers some insight into institutional stakeholder perceptions on the implementation and mandating of a First Year Experience course as well as content they believe should be included in the course. The research identified stakeholder perceived barriers to the implementation of the FYE course as well as the barriers discussed in the literature.


Community College Education Administration | Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Higher Education Administration