Publication Date

Summer 2020

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Frederick Grieve (Director), Daniel Wann, Ron Ramsing, and Paula Upright

Degree Program

Doctor of Psychology in Applied Psychology

Degree Type

Doctor of Psychology


The aim of the present study was to gain a better understanding of the descriptive psychometric properties of the College Athlete Psychological Screening (CAPS) measure. The CAPS is a newly developed assessment screening measure designed to assess 14 common problem areas for college athletes. For the present investigation, 395 participants completed the 108-item CAPS measure. To establish criterion validity, participants also completed the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI). The present study had three research questions. Question one discussed the descriptive psychodynamic properties (Cronbach’s alpha, means, and standard deviations) of the 14 CAPS subscales. Question two addressed concurrent validity of the CAPS Depression subscale compared to the Beck Depression Inventory. Question three addressed the concurrent validity of the CAPS Anxiety subscale. Additionally, a Multitrait Multimethod Matrix (MTMM) was utilized to assess the concurrent and divergent validity between the CAPS Depression, CAPS Anxiety, BDI, and BAI. In a post-hoc analyses, items from the CAPS Depression and CAPS Anxiety subscales were combined into a single measure. The new measure had good internal consistency and great concurrent and divergent validity with the BDI and BAI suggesting the CAPS Depression and Anxiety subscales combined are a more valid and reliable measure of depressive symptomology compared to the BDI than either scale alone. The results of the present study provide a framework for future investigation with the CAPS measure.


Clinical Psychology | Counseling Psychology | Psychology | Sports Medicine