Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Nicholas Brake (Director), Antony Norman, Gary Houchens, Kimberlee Everson

Degree Program

Educational Leadership

Degree Type

Doctor of Education


The purpose of this quantitative descriptive research was to gain the perspective of educators on transition planning for students with disabilities in two public school districts in the state of Kentucky. The Individual Disabilities Education Act and Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act are laws requiring students with disabilities to be transition ready upon their graduation from high school. A sample of 12 educators, representing two Kentucky districts, who participate in transitioning students with disabilities, completed The Secondary Educator Transition Questionnaire survey. Data from the districts’ state report cards indicated students with disabilities were not transition ready in comparison with students without disabilities. The educators’ perception of the planning that was occurring did not reflect the exit outcomes of students with disabilities. The key findings of the study were that educators agreed that some aspects of transition planning were taking place. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Acts and Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act laws have clearly defined the process of transition planning. By increasing adherence to those laws in the overall transition planning process, students with disabilities have a better opportunity of postsecondary success.


Disability Law | Education | Educational Leadership | Law | Medicine and Health Sciences | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Special Education and Teaching | Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling