Publication Date

Summer 2015

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Randy Deere (Director), Paula Upright, Tricia Jordan, and Karl Laves

Degree Program

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Degree Type

Doctor of Education


The purpose of this case study was to discover the impacts on intercollegiate student-athletes subsequent to a head coaching change. One research question guided this study: What is the impact of a head coaching change on intercollegiate student-athletes? This qualitative study utilized eight case study interviews in order to achieve a rich description of the phenomenon of a head coaching change in one mid-major NCAA Division 1 institution in the Southeast. Using inductive analysis and the constant comparative method, three emergent themes were identified: (1) Student-athletes seem to accept head coaching changes, (2) Head coaches are essential to team success, and (3) The student-athlete-coach relationship is the core factor of the intercollegiate experience. This qualitative approach to data collection provided meaningful and rich information that has significant implications for athletic administrators, athletic support services, and college administrators.


Education | Educational Leadership