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Chapter 1 of The Law of Libraries and Archives is reprinted here with permission of the publisher. Also included are acknowledgements, the table of contents, the publication information, introduction, and index. Published in 2007 by Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MD.


The law should be accessible to every professional, which is the philosophy behind The Law of Libraries and Archives. In this invaluable book, legal concepts are explained in plain English so that librarians and archivists will be able to understand the principles that affect them on a daily basis. This book provides its readers with answers and raises issues for them to think about. In addition to providing a basic overview of the law, this work contains enough details to allow readers to make informed choices and to converse intelligently with legal counsel.
Some of the issues included in the book include contracts, copyright and patent law, fair use, copyright exceptions for libraries, and the TEACH Act. The book contains chapters discussing trademark law, licensing of databases, information malpractice, and professionalism, as well as privacy issues, the PATRIOT Act, employment law, and the basics of starting a non-profit organization.


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