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Copyright 2006. Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. This version posted with permission as author's final version in Serials Review v.32, no.3 (September 2006): 164-171.


China’s electronic publishing industry has developed very rapidly over the past decade. China has become one of the electronic publishing centers in Asia and will continue to flourish in the future. Chinese electronic databases provide the most efficient way for scholars, researchers and students to perform searches as well as to provide information for businesses and governments. In this article, the author gives a brief overview of selected databases which represent a small portion of the Chinese electronic resources and hopes it will serve as a reference to Chinese scholars world-wide.


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Wang_Figure 1.doc (70 kB)
A screen shot of CAD (English version).

WangFigure 2.doc (88 kB)
An advanced search screen shot of WanFang Data (COJ, English version).

WangFigure 3.doc (131 kB)
A screen shot of CSJD (Chinese version).

WangFigure 4.doc (109 kB)
A search result screen shot of China InfoBank database (English Publications sub-database).

WangFigure 5.doc (203 kB)
A screen shot of Copying Press Information database (in Chinese).

WangFigure 6.doc (299 kB)
A screen shot of the English version of People’s Daily Online.

WangFigure 7.doc (316 kB)
A screen shot of a full-text search screen of Siku Quanshu (in Chinese).

WangFigure 8.doc (37 kB)
A title search screen of SiBu CongKan.

WangFigure 9.doc (40 kB)
A result screen of SiBu CongKan title search.