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No one familiar with local history can deny that Fountain Square is Bowling Green’s touchstone to its past; it is certainly the community’s most endearing and enduring landmark. Robert Moore, one of the area’s earliest citizens, donated two acres to Warren County for public buildings in 1797. On this site a log courthouse was erected, and shortly thereafter the county added a log jail, a stock and pillory, a log clerk’s office and a log markethouse. The area changed dramatically when the courthouse was moved from Fountain Square to 10th Street, one block over. A consensus was reached to create a park out of the old square, and thus it has remained to this day with a fountain at its center. This book looks at the history of the buildings that surround Fountain Square and how they evolved.

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Bowling Green, Kentucky


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Jonathan Jeffrey, is the Department Head for the Department of Library Special Collections and the Manuscripts & Folklife Archives Coordinator. He is responsible for managing the department and for acquiring, accessioning, cataloging, and providing reference services for unique manuscript items as well as folklore collections.

A Stroll Around Fountain Square