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Warren County’s lengthy rail heritage dates from the chartering of a small tramway from the boat landing to central Bowling Green in 1936, to the construction of a magnificent rail station in 1925, to cessation of passenger service in 1979. When private and federal monies enabled Bowling Green depot’s restoration in the mid-1990’s, many citizens professed a renewed interest in Warren County’s rail heritage. Bittersweet briefly discusses rail development in the United States and then explores the love-hate relationship that Bowling Green experienced with the L&N. Of particular significance was the city’s twenty-four year battle for construction of the 1925 depot. It is a story of intrigue, chicanery, boosterism, and triumph; it is a good story!

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Bowling Green, Kentucky


Cultural History | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Social History


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Bittersweet:  The Louisville and Nashville Railroad and Warren County