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That Perfect Feeling in the Air


That Perfect Feeling in the Air



That Perfect Feeling in the Air relays the riveting story of Victor Herbert Strahm, who exhibited great personal courage, heroism, and gallantry during the grim reality of WWI and WWII. The son of a German immigrant, Victor left college in 1917 to answer his nation’s call to arms by joining the U.S. Air Service. He became a highly decorated airman and an Air Ace. Between the wars, Strahm thrilled air race audiences with his daring aerial skills and served as a U.S. Army Air Corps test pilot. As Chief of Staff for the U.S. Ninth Air Force in WWII, Brigadier General Strahm helped plan the tactical air support for the Normandy Invasion on D-Day. After the war, Victor served in the newly created U.S. Air Force’s Air Defense Command and Strategic Air Command. The authors use Strahm’s unpublished WWI letters and his WWII diary from 1944 to document this unsung hero of two world wars whose career paralleled the development of U.S. military aviation.

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German immigrant, Victor Herbert Strahm, WWI pilot, WWII pilot


Military History | Political History | United States History


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That Perfect Feeling in the Air