Genealogical Records


Note Brothers Nathan and Clement Davis arrived with their father in Logan County, Kentucky in the mid-1790s. Nathan moved on to Livingston County, while Clement settled for about 15 years in what became Christian County. A same-named cousin also settled there and remained for several generations. Nathan and Clement moved to Randolph County, Illinois Territory in 1810, receiving pre-emption certificates in what later became Jackson County, Illinois.

Acknowledgments Thanks are due to Evie Eymann Rice for her research i nto Mary (Davis) Allen Phelps and for sharing the works of Garner Doolin, who did considerable primary record research on Clement Davis. Their efforts saved me considerable research time and helped to assure that fewer stones remain unturned. Thanks are also due Kandi Adkinson of the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office for her help with procuring early l and grant surveys.

Public Domain Like all my writings, this book i s hereby placed i n the public domain to assist others i n finding their true ancestors. The more people that do l ikewise, the easier i t will be for future researchers to expand upon our efforts, or perhaps find the clue that unlocks the door to solving their own genealogical puzzle.


This little book stems from extensive pre-1843 research that I have done of most of the early Davis families of Jackson County, Illinois. The families of Nathan and Clement Davis are outside my personal interests, but I have a strong feeling there is a good ikelihood that, farther back i n time, we may have roots i n the same Davis clan. This book has taken a small step toward determining whether that may be true. Hopefully others i n the future will be able to improve upon this effort.


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