Family names include: Carroll, Brooks, Sanders, Waddle, Wilmoth, Wood, Constant, Devore, Dunn, Skaggs, Meredith, and etc. with Mammoth Cave Hotel, Cub Run Revival, Mill Day, Iron Furnace, view from Dismal Rock, Pin Hollow, Summer Lea home, baptizing on Long Fall Creek with Pleasant Priddy, 1831 Survey of Dickey's Mill on Nolin River, Union Light store, Dog Creek Dam, and Kyrock scenes. See Additional files below


Four additional albums of photographs collected by Faye Carroll with family names: Elijah and Sarah Carroll, Meredith, Thompson, Rhodes, James "Jim" and Wardie Carroll, Cain, Wells, Demunbrun, Freshour, Jaggers, Higdon, Blissit, Wilson, Gardner, Bratcher, Pierce, Reams, and photos of J. A. Sanders Distillery, Oliver tractors, Mt. Moriah Church and Union Light community



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