Information about a growing Bowling Green, with Southern Normal School, C. G. Smallhouse, L. A. Jenkins, L. R. Porter, Edwin Taylor, B. F. Cabell, Warren Deposit Bank, Robert W. Ogden, Milling Company, L. C. Heminger, R. S. Tapscott, Townsend & Valenti, Frank Maier, W. R. Watkins, H. F. Stovalle, R. E. Allison, W. G. Daughtry, William Schutz, D. M. Lawson's store, Campbell's store, J. D. Walbridge, Park City Laundry, H. Pl. Cartright, S. W. Coombs, C. E. Wallin, Fleming's Store, B. W. Bradburn, William Turner, J. T. Doores, Mrs. Marie Baugh, Perkins Brothers, and others.


Issued as the July 1898 number of the magazine The Headlight, a periodical devoted to the interests of railroads and railroad centers. Related Titles Series: Sights and scenes along the L & N. Publisher Cincinnati, Ohio : Louisville and Nashville Railroad


United States History