Digital copy only of a book presenting the history of classical music in Kentucky as taught, conducted and arranged by Louis H. Hast; other keywords and person include: Speyer, Munich, Emma Wilder, Henry Clay statue dedication, Beethoven Piano club with photographs and biographies of Fannie Brandeis, Emma Hast, Nannette Smith, Emily Davidson, Alma Von D. Bergmann, Amelia Gunther, Jessie Cochran, Hattie Audubon, Eliza Peay, Rosa Speed, Maria Helmke, Emma Sartella, Helen Williams, LA Reunion Society, Concert programs of the Philharmonic Society, Women's Christian Association, Parlor Concerts, Theodore Thomas concerts, Operas, Leopold Damrosch, Christ Church meetings, Rev. C. E. Craik, John N. Norton, Rosa Green, and other items.


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