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Newsletter edited by Prof. Philpot, Dr. Highgrass and G. O. Yonder. The newsletter discusses the local political parties, Life, Light and Liberty Ticket and the Peace, Prosperity and Progress Ticket, with named persons, A. B.Thompson, Dr. J. D. Renick, E. Beler, J. R. Garmon, J. M. Hazelip, P. D. Henderson, H. D. Stone, V. A. Carter, Ed Cowles, C. D. Walker, Frank Snodgrass, D. G. Spear, W. B. Fritz, C. N. Burnett, B. S. Ewing, Wood Lewis, T. B. Settle, Garman & Anderson, F. M. Matthews, P. Y. Ewing, F. M/ Crump, R. E. Allen, Same Scruggs, M. Deweese, W. F. Lyles, Ed Allen, and R. E. Beard.