Articles and photographs include: Fountain Square Park, State Street, Rotogravure Section, Home of W. S. Ashley, Home of W. H. Raymond on Nashville Road, Home of W. C. Sumpter at 1354 Chestnut Street, Home of George T. Massey at 610 East Main Street, Home of Carl D. Herdman on Nashville Road, Home of W. W. Peete - Baker Hill, Perry Snell Hall, Ogden College, Recitation Hall, Kyrock Storage, Kyrock Roads, L & N Railroad Depot, Eight Street from Chestnut to Park Street, Franklin Road, Thirteenth Street from Park To Chestnut Street, Center Street, Herdman's Peony and German Iris Gardens, Consolidated Coach Company, Roemer Brothers Planing Lumber Company, Claypool Lumber Company, Brown Ice Cream, Pet Milk Company, Jersey Cows of R. C. P. Thomas, Deemer Floral Company, Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Potter Hall, Music Hall, Training School, New Library, new stadium, Model Rural School, campus scenes, Bowling Green Business University, Home of J. L. Harman at 1414 College Street, Home of J. Murray Hill at 626 East Main Street, Bowling Green High School, Armory, City Hall, Fire Station, City Hospital, Baptist Church, State Street Methodist Church, Westminster Presbyterian, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Cumberland Presbyterian, Christ Episcopal, First Christian, Fist Presbyterian, Southern Cut Stone Company, Kentucky - Tennessee Light and Power Company, G. D. Sledge, Helm Hotel, Raymond Contracting Company, Porter Provision Company, Turner, Day & Woolworth Axe Handle Company, Mansard Hotel, Park City Coal Company, Willoughby's Wholesale Bakery, and Bowling Green Milling Company,