Includes Historical Sketch of the City of Bowling Green and Warren County, Societies of Bowling Green, Secret and Fraternal, Religious organizations, J. T. McGinnis & Company, C. H. Smith, Contractor, C. N. Stone, Center Street School, Ollie M. James, Odgen College, Lena Collins, J. P. Hagey, Rev. Samuel M. Miller, L. G. Brite, John W. Collins, Benjamin F. Procter, Warren County Courthouse, R. C. Posey, Joe Rone, Elvis C. Smith, Judge McKenzie Moss, Tandy T. Gardner, Martin De Vries, J. F. Callis, W. H. Myers, Emery H. White, O. A. Roup, D. B. Dearing, A. C. Dulaney, Fire Departmey. Bowilng Green White Stone, J. Tom Doores, L. B. Jones, Lon D. Hanes, Willimam E. Pillsbury, R. L. Morris, B. H.Dalton, Bowling Green Quarries Company, Demmond & Sloyer, Richeson & Martin, College Street School, J. G. Ray, Turner, Day & Woolworth Handle Company, W. L. NcNeal, Dora Van Nort, Burdell Floral Company W. H. Mitchell & Company, Lon Dodd, Colored School Building, Residence of Dr. J. N. McCormack, K. M. Russell & Son, S. H. Brown, G. S. Hollingsworth, J. W. Grubbs, Park City Coal company, W. W. Peeter, N. F. Hill, Sheet Metal Works, Tandy T. Gardner, Callis Brothers, E. N. Hall, Martin De Vries, W. I. Tabor & Brother, C. B. Dobson & Son, T. R. Neill, G. Duncan Milliken, Bowling Green Machine Company, State Street Methodist Church, Giles E. Townsend, Garnett Sharp, Barksdale Hamlett, Robert L. Greene, Kerley & Morris, James B. McCreary, Fox Accounting, Business University, and James P. Edwards,