Items include: Literary Club, Mary Belle Fitch, Anne Krueger, Sara Farnsworth, Grace Richeson, Kyrock, Doris DeVasier, Carol Pearson, Richeson Motor Company, Callis Drug Company, College Tops Hill Where Old Fort Stood, Henry Hardin Cherry, Hartig & Binzel, Physical Education Building, Education Hall, Mills Company, Thomas L. Barret, Wooster Products, Southern Cut Stone, Controversy of Rebuilding Courthouse Cupola, Oolitic Limestone, Brinton Davis, Moore Brothers Construction, Park City Coal, Mammoth Cave motion picture, Joe Andrews, Helen F. Randolph, Wilma Elrod Ford, Spring Fashion, J. L. Durbin Company, Irene Beauty Shoppe, Henderson Motor company, Bowling Green Firemen, Blue Cab Company, My Enemy poem by Eliza Calvert Hall, Martin's Department Store, Ewing Beauty Shoppe, Nancy Catherine Dalton, Carl Dalton, Kenneth Myers, Margaret Jane Basham, Pushins Department Store and Dr. Charles B. Stovall