Article written by Mackie (Smith) Bennett, she was a teacher in Bowling Green City Schools,


This paper notes, "Women are here to stay" and "we are the durable sex." Highlighted are the sheltered lady, tailored clothes, dressmaking, fashion, costumes, automobiles, feminists, nursing, the theater, opera, typewriters and telephone operators, housewives, trail blazers, votes for women, women and war, airlines, politics, business women in Bowling Green, Sarah Armitage, Camilla Herdman, Julia Drury, Francis Kersey, an African American caterer, Emma Underwood, Sara Milsop, Cinderella Cornell, Dr. Ramsey, Dr. Lillian South, Miss Murdy, Roland Smith, Morton Gaines, Ora porter, Music teachers, Mag Schaffer, Mary Armitage, Alice Hackney, Milliners, Amanda Roberts, Mag Devries, Louisa Rearden, Francis Sabel, Nell O'Bryan, Dressmakers, Mrs., Patillo, Carrie Burnam Taylor, Lillie Sumpter, Mattie Sumpter, Beauticians, Cora Lippincott, African American, Lena Wilson, Women's Rights, Carrie Mitchell, Women Barbers, Pauline Wright, Lera Jones, Woman pharmacist, Lola Scates, Margaret Reeves, Lawyer, Claudia Compton, and Real Estate, Stella Cassady, Ann Motley, Mary L. Lawrence and others.