Includes a paper written by Judge John B. Rodes with a history of Bowling Green and the Pioneer Cemetery, Cemetery donated by John Loving, Sesquicentennial Vesper Service Remarks made by Mrs. W. P. Drake at Pioneer Cemetery, 1969 and article, President's Brother Was Buried Here, Thomas Madison


From the collected research of Patricia Reid with names: Mottley, McAlister, Hart, Parry, Shanks, Pollack, Bettersworth, Lapsley, Graham, Everhart, Burnam, Garnett, Madison, Webb, Donaldson, Younglove, Barclay, Coleman, Gerard, Morehead, Edward, Hall, Redman, Ray, Murrell, Davis, Dinwiddie, Wilkins, Smith, Ghardstein, Graffulla, Strange, Dotson, Wooten, Newton, Butler, Hare, Meguiar, Seeley, Payne, BRiggs, Dulaney, Stubbins, Wright, Howarth, South, Porter, Atchinson, Wood, McGoodwin, Ogden, RogersMoore, Cooke, Jones, Loving, Skiles, and Herdman.



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