UA12/2/1 College Heights Herald, Vol. 72, No. 30

WKU Student Affairs

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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Just a Second
  • Campus Line
  • For the Record / Crime Reports
  • People Poll
  • Sports
  • Diversions
  • Movie Reviews
  • Classifieds

Articles in this issue:

  • Stamper, John. Associates Moving to Community College
  • Stamper, John. Kentucky Universities Suffer Low Enrollment
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Student Government Association Plans to Broadcast Meetings on TV
  • Leonard, Kim. Minority Enrollment Up for Third Straight Year
  • Martin Luther King’s Dream Must Live On
  • Brewer, Jerry. Western’s Reputation Hindered by Incompetence
  • Bernardy, Patrick. Cold Winds, Games Warm Family’s Heart
  • Lucas, Fred. A Conspiracy to Make Oliver Stone Proud
  • Olmsted, Mikki. Concealed Weapons Checked at the Door
  • Olmsted, Mikki. Reserved Parking Limit Moved Back an Hour
  • Back, Shannon. Recycling Plan in the Bin
  • Stamper, John. Mistakes Cause Insurance Card Delays for Employees
  • Lenz, Rebecca. For Better, for Worse Gay Marriage Issue Goes One Step Further
  • Thatcher, Monica. Students Use Feet, Bum Rides
  • Brewer, Jerry. New Stores Increase Shoppers’ Options
  • Craig, Ryan. Will Power Needed to Keep Resolutions
  • Lenz, Rebecca. March to Celebrate Martin Luther King’s Life, Message
  • Leonard, Kim. Spring Freshmen Tackle Hill Alone
  • Grigsby, Karen. Dorms Showered with Complaints
  • Back, Shannon. Workers Praised for High Standards
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Internet Pornography Protected by Law
  • Mains, Brian. Aerobics Classes Free for Spring Semester
  • Mains, Brian. Losing Holiday Pounds Harder Than it Sounds
  • 97 Things to Do in 1997
  • Lanter, Charlie. The People vs. Larry Flynt Entertains, Challenges Censors
  • Lynn, Kelley. Turbulence Crashes on Take Off
  • Joe Harney Wins 3-point Award