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This series documents the disbursement of funds for capital construction projects at WKU. As defined by KRS 7A.010 (1), capital project means (a) any undertaking which is to be financed or funded through an appropriation by the General Assembly of general fund, road fund, bond fund, trust and agency fund, or federal funds; (b) any undertaking which is to be financed by a capital expenditure for use by state government or one of its departments or agencies; (c) any capital construction item, or combination of items necessary to make a building or utility installation complete, estimated to cost $600,000 or more, or any item of movable equipment estimated to cost $200,000 or more, regardless of the source of funds; (d) any lease of real property whose value is $200,000 or more; (e) any lease of an item of movable equipment if the total cost of the lease, or lease-purchase, or lease with an option to purchase is $200,000 or more; or (f) any new acquisition, upgrade, or replacement of an information technology system estimated to cost six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000) or more. Under the terms of KRS 7A.100, the Capital Planning Advisory Board of the General Assembly prepares a state capital improvement plan and makes funding recommendations to each branch head as to state spending for capital projects.


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