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Brief history of the County Delegation Presidents Club and lists of county club presidents and sponsors along with two instruction forms used by the sponsors and presidents in leading the groups. Bound county forms requesting information regarding former students: AN EARNEST REQUEST TO COUNTY DELEGATIONS. Please fill out the blank below giving information concerning the former student whose name appears on the blank. We shall greatly appreciate your assistance in securing this information, and, besides, you will confer a real favor upon the Western Normal in its efforts to correct its mailing list. Name Home postoffice State County Give below any present information you may have concerning the student whose name is given above. What is h____ present postoffice, State Present occupation If the student is a woman and has married since leaving school, kindly give the name of her husband Postoffice, State Give occupation of husband Give below any additional information you may have Write plainly. Use pencil if you desire. Fraternally yours, H.H. CHERRY, President Western State Normal School, Bowling Green, Kentucky These forms maintained by the Registrar's Office are arranged by county and are in varying states of completeness. They do not include all students who attended WKU.


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