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The Elevator was published by the Western Kentucky State Normal School student body, monthly during the school year between 1909-1916.

Table of Contents:

  • The Relation that Should Exist Between the State Normal and City Schools by Herman Lee Donovan
  • Some Very Lion Stories by Theodore Roosevelt
  • A Prophecy by Myrtle Duncan
  • Testimonials
  • Editorials
  • The Library
  • The Life Class by Nell Smith
  • The Kit Kats by Novice Madison
  • With the Pyerians by H.W. Gingles
  • The Four-Year Class by Jake Farris
  • The Poet's Lair
  • Consistency
  • Owed to a Mosquito by Carl Adams
  • The Soliliquy of W.S. Taylor
  • The Chestnut Hunt of 1909 by Gertrude Grimsley
  • Book Reviews
  • Personals


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