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The Elevator was published by the Western Kentucky State Normal School student body, monthly during the school year between 1909-1916.

Table of Contents:

  • Valedictory by Nancy Shehan
  • Clark by E.H. White
  • The Crying Need of the Public School System by E.H. Turner
  • Married at Gallatin
  • The Sophomores
  • The Juniors
  • The Seniors
  • Senior Class 1910-11
  • Echoes from Mammoth Cave by Hunter Gingles and Katesie Bailey
  • Normal Lights
  • Editorials
  • The University of Wisconsin by Will Taylor
  • Two Ways of Telling a Story
  • Foreword by G.C. Morris
  • Moving Day Cartoon
  • The Trip to Richmond
  • The KEA
  • De Pilae Quodam Ludo by Henry Wesley
  • Book Review
  • Washington Monument by Patrick Smith
  • Some Normalites and Their Work for Next Year



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