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Newsletter created by WKU ROTC regarding activities and opportunities offered by the program. In this issue:

  • WKU on Move; Program Broad
  • ROTC Tradition at WKU
  • Western's ROTC Brigade Offers Host of Extra Activities
  • A Head Start on Leadership
  • Your Military Obligation
  • Employers Say ROTC Officers Top Prospects
  • ROTC Attracts Professionals
  • Officers Can Get Masters While on Duty
  • ROTC Units Have Own Activities
  • ROTC Course Aims Beyond Basic Skills
  • Revised Plan for ROTC is Tested
  • Officer-Teachers Guide Cadets
  • Sophomore Cadets Eligible to Apply for Scholarships
  • Scholarships Lure Leaders
  • Seniors Can Become Pilots
  • U.S. Leaders Laud ROTC
  • Western Cadets in Campus, Community Service
  • Learning Leadership at Camp
  • Cadets Command Units
  • Basic Camp Opens 2-Year Course
  • 'Open House' at Camp
  • Cadets Pick Branch, Area
  • Army Tour Offers Travel Abroad
  • Branch Reflects Cadet's Choice, Army Needs
  • Three Friends and the Army
  • This, Plus Special Duty Pay . . . Can Bring Big Monthly Check
  • Benefits Beyond Pay Check
  • Leeper, Daniel. Scholarship Meaning Told
  • Flight Training at Western Can Bring Rewards as Aviator


Military and Veterans Studies