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Articles of Incorporation issued to the WKU Alumni Association by James P. Lewis, Kentucky Secretary of State.

I, James P. Lewis, Secretary of State of the State of Kentucky, hereby certify that a certified copy of Articles of Incorporation of the Western Kentucky State Normal School Alumni Association has this day been filed in my office.

It appearing from said Articles of Incorporation that the said Corporation has no capital stock and no private pecuniary profit is to be derived therefrom, the said Corporation is not required by law to pay a tax on organization; and it further appearing that the aforesaid Corporation has complied with all the requirements of the law, this certificate is issued as evidence of the fact that the said Corporation is now authorized and empowered to do business in this State, under its charter, subject to the restrictions imposed by the statutes of Kentucky.

Given under my hand as Secretary of State, this 31st day of October 1917

James P. Lewis, Secretary of State

by L.T. Farmer, Chief Clerk



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