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Teachers College Heights monthly magazine promoting WKU and documenting campus events and courses offered. Includes:

  • Founders Day Program, Nov. 16, 1939
  • Kentucky Building Campaign
  • Rodes, John. Conception of College Heights Foundation and the Kentucky Building
  • Stickles, Arndt. Significance and Future Service of the Kentucky Building
  • Moore, Mary. The Kentucky Library and Museum
  • Seward, R.H. The Individual and His Ideal
  • Alexander, J.R. Presentation Address
  • Garrett, Paul. Speech of Acceptance
  • The Building of the Kentucky Building
  • The College Heights Foundation
  • Plan of the Kentucky Building
  • The Pioneer Log Cabin
  • The McGregor Fund
  • Kentucky Library has Many Rare Books
  • The Colonial Garden
  • Letters, Diaries, Account Books, Manuscript Minutes, Manuscript Music, Etc., Are Among Rare Items on File
  • Many Letters and Manuscripts Relating to Kentucky's Part in the Civil War May be Read by Visitors
  • Bowling Green Was Once Confederate Capital
  • A Kentucky Sunset


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