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Mis-numbered as Vol. 48, No. 19.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletics and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Aspirants to Begin Office Declarations Monday in Associated Students Races
  • Brainstorming '69
  • Lawrence, Ron. City Manager Defends Role as Chief Executive
  • Tucker, Bruce. Students Quiz Officials
  • Patterson, Tom. ROTC-Does It Have a Future?
  • Dormitory Coeds Face Antiquated Regulations
  • City Squabble Damages More Than Government
  • Brainstorming '69 Promises a Start
  • Bailey, Don. Color is No Issue
  • McDaniel, Mike. Symposium Reveals Lesson
  • Black Dissidents Challenge NEA for More Involvement
  • King, Dearing, Braxton Crenshaw & Jackie Davis. New Pride WOrks to Unify Blacks as Natural Look is Here to Stay
  • Claude Pepper Legislates for Youth
  • Barton, Gail. Arthur Feidler to Conduct Boston Pops Orchestra
  • Barton, Gail & Ellen Bennett. Sergio Mendes Brings Class to Campus
  • Barton, Gail. Stage 300 Musical Comedies
  • Westerners to Debate in Tournament, Forensics
  • White, Alana. Bossa Rios Add Pleasant Surprise to Show
  • Susan Chaffin to Give Recital
  • Linda Harris Wins Top Spot in State Meet
  • Academic Affairs Planned System for New Calendar
  • White, Alana. Meet the Staff - Dan Lynch, Cartoonist
  • Harris, Skila & Joyce Miller. Fraternities Add 115 Men
  • Alpha Omega Pi Cards, Fashions Tonite
  • Western Offers Extension Courses in 16 Communities
  • Jackson, Jeanne. Language Students to Form Club
  • Art Forms on Display in Gallery
  • Scottie Coach Lawrence Gilbert aka Butch to Join Gridiron Staff
  • Basketball Fete Monday
  • Draper, Chip. Jim McDaniels is Seven-Foot Rarity
  • Simpson, Richard. John Oldham's Reputation Brought Frosh Stars to Hill
  • Harris, Mike. Intramural Basketball Entering Final Month


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