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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features:

  • Hilltopics
  • Religious News
  • Looking Backward
  • Alumni News
  • Society – Weddings – Engagements
  • Campus Beat
  • Sports Slants
  • Book Marks
  • Social Activities Calendar

Articles in this Issue:

  • A Far Country Chosen for 2nd Major Production – Western Players
  • Zither-Playing Folk Singer Presents Assembly Program – Winifred Smith
  • Dormitories Now Taking Applications
  • New Method of Teaching French Adopted by College
  • Debaters Discuss Wheat Shipment – Congress Debating Club
  • English Club Meeting Goes Hootenanny
  • Owensboro-Daviess County Club to Publish Handbook
  • Debaters Elect Three Senators New This Year
  • Pendleton, Doris. Commodore Perry Snell Great Western Benefactor
  • Things You Will Never Learn by Going to Class
  • Do You Know . . . Henry Cherry
  • Woodrow Wilson Fellowships Total 1,000 Per year
  • Bruce Clark Honored by Scholarship Corporation
  • Greek Column – Phi Delta Chi, Epsilon Delta, Beta Alpha Rho Two New History Courses Required
  • Four Future Teachers Are Chapel Speakers
  • Duncan Sanford Receives Award
  • Evening of Readings Set November 21 – English
  • Billy Moss Wins Farmers Degree
  • Susie Bennett Elected Future Teachers of America President at College High
  • Pendleton, Doris. Four Prime Principles of Effective Studying
  • Muhlenberg Club Plans Reception at Dedication – Diddle Arena
  • James Smith Elected College High Senior Class President
  • Myers, Nelli. New Way to Solve Your Petty Problems
  • Dykes, Larry. Hilltoppers Blitz Morehead State University 17-0 – Football
  • College High Cross-Country Has 100 Mile Club
  • John Mutchler May Play in All-Star Game – Football, Ohio Valley Conference
  • Dedication Game Ducats on Sale – Diddle Arena
  • Stilley, Al. Morehead and Murray Pre-Season Cage Favorites – Basketball
  • Harriers Slaughter Tennessee Tech 17-44 – Track & Field
  • Jefferson County, Phi Phi Kappa Lead in Intramural Football
  • Jim Malone Wins Open Tennis Tournament
  • Former Army Athlete Wins Grid Scholarship – Tom Watkins
  • Cardinal Cagers in Third Week of Practice – College High
  • Physical Education Majors, Minors Should Join Club
  • Psychology Club Elects Officers


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