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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features:

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Articles in this Issue:

  • Dedication of Academic-Athletic Building & E.A. Diddle Arena Set for Today
  • Nichols, Clair & Denny Nachand. Students Speak Highly of Building & Arena
  • Trevathan, Jane. A Fabulous Facility, Says Dr. Kelly Thompson
  • Thompson, Kelly. A Message from the President
  • Western Joins Nation in Day of Mourning – John F. Kennedy
  • Banks, Louatha. Classroom Shpaes Vary from Pie-Shape to Rectangular
  • Collier, Joy. Many Music Programs to be Presented On Stage in Diddle Arena
  • Steinrock, John. Diddle Arena Hardwood Presents Clear Spectator View
  • Stilley, Al. Academic-Athletic Building is Largest On-Campus Athletic Structure in the South
  • Kidd, Malcolm. Underground Phone Lines Installed in Diddle Arena Area
  • Dedication Program for Academic-Athletic Building & E.A. Diddle Arena
  • Students Fell Loss . . . John F. Kennedy
  • Beard, Diane. Fans Receive Two Special Dedication Publications
  • Beard, Diane. Physical Education Majors Anticipate Move to New Home
  • Trevathan, Jane. Red Barn was Impressive When Dedicated in February 1931 – Helm Library
  • Neff, C.J. Dedication Ceremonies, Game to be Televised
  • Isaacs, L.K. 336 Wins & 38 Losses Was Record in Barn
  • Pendleton, Doris. Coach E.A. Diddle’s Career Marked by Previous Important Occasions
  • Pendleton, Doris. Electric Concert Organ Makes Its Debut
  • Nachand, Denny. Academic-Athletic Building Houses Assortment of Physical Education Facilities
  • Banks, Louatha. E.A. Diddle Drives Bulldozer as Band Plays Dixie – Groundbreakings
  • Creason, Joe. Coach E.A. Diddle is Living Legend
  • Count Basie Opens Diddle Arena Music Series
  • Ted Hornback on Way to Creating Own Legend
  • Durbin, Karen. Old Gymnasium Faces Future as Modern College Library
  • Acoustics In Diddle Arena to be Tested Today
  • Ridge, Mike. E.A. Diddle Tests Baskets, Finds Them Excellent
  • Pendleton, Doris. E.A. Diddle Took Cut in Salary to Get Coaching Job at Western in 1922
  • Topper Lettermen Expected to Carry Most of Burden in Season Opener – Basketball
  • Pendleton, Doris. E.A. Diddle Hit 1000-Game Mark on Jan. 6, 1962


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