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Broadside of thanks from the 11th Tactical Reconnassance Squadron [sic]. The inscription in the lower right corner is: The 11th Tal Rcn SQ want to thank the fine people of Bowling Green for the way they received and treated them. The broadside was signed by the members of the squadron and it includes a drawing of a plane with a photograph of "Jim" the pilot. The 11th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron were stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky during part of World War II.

Notations and signatures: "The Three Musketeers" S/Sgt. John A. Bogart "Photo" Cpl. Joseph Correri "Photo" Sgt. Everett O. Davis "Photo" Cpl. Tanly Bradford "Photo"

P.F.C. J. Buckley T/Sgt. Ernest W. Harman Jr. (Lightening)

Communications Radio-Section Cpl. Emanuel J. DeMaio S/Sgt. R. Hollback S/Sgt. Johnnie "Honest" Bantovich Cpl. John J. Connolly Pfc. Robert J. Edwards S/Sgt. T.F. Emanuel Sgt. A.C. Duffy Sgt. John F. Mickielson S/Sgt. Donald W. Johnson Sgt. Jas. I. Lathrop

Armament (Detail Squad) Pfc. Monty Farquhar Cpl. John J. McDonald Pvt. Russell Steltz P.f.c. James V. Pirone P.f.c. Harry Walter Cpl. J. Robert Schinberg (?) Sgt. Bill K. Blough Pfc. John S. Peters Sgt. Thomas Culhane

On plane: 1st Sgt. Hicks L. Bailey Pilot Astin Crew Chief - Gosler "Jim" S/Sgt. Jos. D. Cricci "Medics" 13G

The Canteen Commandos {Jim Astin, Bob Jacobson}

Tech-Supply D.F. Ulrich Sgt. F. Gobardo, 562 _ rd. Co. H.M.TK.

Pfc. Thomas J. Egan

S-2 Sgt. Ed. DeKrueff S/Sgt. W.F. Cannon Pfc. Raymond W. Gosler

RCN. SQ (M) 101st Cav. Junius Bennondoni Jack M. Schaffer John J. Cooney Louis T. _____ B.C. Campbell Kenneth Benderin (Battle of EDC) George Popovich, Battle of Worester

Engineering Cpl. Arnold Neideen S/Sgt. Ted Milbourn S/Sgt. James Hamm (Elect) Cpl. R.L. Howard

Trans. P.F.c. Ed. J. Lisfcak (?) P.F.C. Warren Heineman Sgt. Paul W. Druzek Pvt. George A. Sain Pfc. Robert Bailey PFC. Peter E. Maero Pfc. R.L. Hooper

B. Johnson, 9th AAE, African Campagne

Headquarters (Brains of the Outfit) Cpl. Martin Schnall Jr. ??? (Snooks)

Pfc. Joe Salem


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