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Date on masthead is Dec. 12, but pages are dated correctly, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1961.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features:

  • Hilltopics
  • Religious News
  • Looking Backward
  • Alumni News
  • Society – Weddings – Engagements
  • Round the Hill in Sports
  • Social Activities Calendar
  • Book Marks
  • Speaking of Society

Articles in this Issue:

  • Proposed Elementary School to be City-College Cooperative Venture – McNeill School
  • Ray Franklin Orchestra to Play for ROTC Ball
  • Ogden Oratorical Contests Set for January
  • Beware of Speeder Sam
  • Oldest Alumni Club Holds Meeting – North Kentucky Alumni Club
  • Messiah to be Sung December 17
  • Nick Denes Chosen as Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year
  • Coach E.A. Diddle is Beginning 40th Basketball Season
  • Voices to be Memorial to Richard Oakley – Western Writers
  • Washeteria for Students Will Open Soon
  • Missouri Legend Will Run Through Friday – Western Players
  • Japanese Students Says Double-Date is Custom – Yogi Hoshino
  • Salute to American Enterprise Dec. 3
  • Hocker, William. Measure Your Education
  • Debate Associates to Participate in Tournament – Forensics Team
  • Miss Sarah Denny Would Not be Discouraged, Studies Industrial Arts
  • Tri-County Club Plans Christmas Dance
  • D.K. Wilgus to be Co-Archivist – Folk Music Archives
  • Iva Scott Club to Have Christmas Party
  • Western Alumnus Honored by Department of Army – Jess Huff
  • Western Area Vocational School Offers Many Courses
  • Devotions to be Held Regularly in Dormitories
  • Westerners Visit Scenic European Countries
  • Joe Downing Interviewed on David Brinkley Report
  • Congress Debating Club Debates in Chapel
  • Training School Senior Receives National Science Foundation Award – Jack Jones
  • Natives of Trigg County Organize
  • Western receives $20,906 Atomic Energy Grant
  • Lambkin to Bring Joy to Children – Arts & Crafts Club
  • Parties Planned by Girls’ Dorms
  • Pershing Rifles War with Pledges; Use Classroom Tactics
  • French Club Has Christmas Party
  • Family Adopted by Economics & Sociology Department
  • American Chemical Society Members to Meet December 14
  • Home Economics Offers Wide Course of Study
  • Spanish Club Holds Costume Party in Garrett Student Union Building
  • Congress Debating Club Meet
  • Bluegrass Tournament Opens Friday - Basketball
  • Broken Hip to Keep Miss Wanda Ellis from Duties
  • Coach E.A. Diddle Confined to Bed
  • Hilltoppers Will See Holiday Action – Basketball
  • Women to Play Intramural Volleyball
  • Pershing Rifles Actives Down Pledges 16-0 in Football Action
  • Basketball Leagues Formed – Intramurals
  • Home Management House Residents Have Breakfast Guests


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