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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Campus Opinion
  • Club News
  • Editorials
  • Exchanges
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Student Council

This issue contains articles:

  • Prof. Strahm Preparing for Program
  • Western Hand Defeat to M.T.N.
  • Western Girls Take Part in Circus at Y
  • Intercollegiate Debates Start April 13 in Teachers College Auditorium vs. Berea
  • Miss Adelbert Thomas Visitor on Hill
  • 300 Enroll for Spring Session Geography Teachers Meet
  • Registrars’ Meeting at Lexington
  • Debaters Revel in Frolic
  • ROTC News
  • The Kentucky Ornithological Society
  • Tennis Time
  • The Kentucky Folklore Society
  • Training Work of U.S. Veterans’ Bureau
  • Chanler, Josephine. I Love Thee, O World
  • Boyd, Linda. Vespers
  • Chapel
  • Practice Teachers Enjoy Bird Hike & Feed
  • Miss Margie Helm Prominent at Meeting of Cataloguers
  • Branson, W.A. Letter to the Editor
  • Misses Kate Sledge & Eunice Garrett Glad to be on Hill Again
  • Mr. Wright, Landscape Gardener Witnesses Spring Cleaning
  • Echoes from Potter Hall
  • Department of Penmanship
  • Increased Enroll


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