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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Chapel
  • Class News
  • Club News
  • Editorials
  • Kempusology Inside Out by Kelly Thompson
  • Kollege Kampus Ravings by A. Shavings
  • Personals
  • Rambling ‘Round by Leon Cook
  • Training School Notes

This issue contains articles:

  • Bi-Annual KIPA Meet Held Here
  • Former Faculty Member to Return – Leslie Hawes
  • Classical Club Holds Convention
  • Rocky Mountain Physiography & Flora
  • New Equipment Added to Hill
  • Masterpiece of Herbert to be Here
  • Tehyi Hsieh Lectures on New China
  • E.A. Jonas Speaks to Students of Hill in Chapel
  • Father of Western Student Succumbs - Frank Bowles
  • Freshmen Present Musical Program at Chapel Hour
  • Roy H. Owsley Speaks at KIPA Meet
  • Air Mail for Bowling Green Seen in Future - Airport
  • Talisman Fosters Beauty Contest
  • Major Thomas Rothwell Gives Discussion
  • Reverend Elliott Baker of Louisville Makes Talk at Chapel
  • Iva Scott Club Holds Meet in Cedar House
  • Girls Debating Club
  • Wa Ka Ta Ca Club Announces Drive
  • Classical Club Entertained at Roman Banquet
  • Annual Football Banquet for Varsity & Freshmen
  • Prof. William C. Lee Takes Wesleyan Post
  • Father of Faculty Member Succumbs – Newton Layman
  • Mammoth Cave Excursions are Fond Memories Always
  • South Africa Lectured on in Chapel
  • Prof. Wrighley Makes Studies at Western
  • Prof. Laudermilk Goes with Students to Cattle Show
  • Western Graduate Named Leader of Superintendents – J.D. Falls
  • Stone Walls
  • McCombs, Harold. Caprice
  • Woodring, Franklyn. Love
  • McMillan, T.H. Maids of the Mist
  • Woodring, Franklyn. To a Vine of Red Roses
  • Woodring, Franklyn. If Shakespeare Had Lived Today
  • Should Colleges Select Students?
  • Christmas
  • Rikentor, Henry. The Light-House Keeper
  • The Talisman
  • College Journalism
  • Training School Honor Roll
  • Faculty Members at High Schools
  • The Importance of Education
  • Editor of the Crisis, Noted Negro Paper Man Gives Address
  • Administration & Rural School Clubs Unite
  • Two Hundred Do Honor to Grid Champs
  • Three Local Men Named Upon 1928 All-State Team
  • Sophomores Win Over Freshmen by 9-0 Tally
  • Pushin’s Christmas Sale – 4 page advertising spread


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