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This issue has been microfilmed with the College Heights Herald.


Special section of the Park City Daily News dedicated to Western Kentucky University. Articles included in this section:

  • Extensive Improvement Program Nears End
  • Welcome for Students is Aim of News
  • First of Newer Buildings – Van Meter Hall
  • Home Economics Building
  • Western Has Been Adding to Buildings – Library, Heating Plant, Old Stadium
  • Seventy-Five on Western Faculty at Present Time
  • Sixty-Five Acre Farm is Used as Source for Food
  • Western Not Very Old as Schools Run
  • Western’s President – Henry Cherry
  • Questions Answered for Prospective Students of Teachers College Here
  • Cherryton, Where Students Reside, Unusual Village
  • Campus Held Beauty Spot of this City
  • Three Papers at Western Besides Regular Catalog
  • Household Hints
  • William Fields Asks Vet of “Bull Run” Give Information
  • Recitation Hall Dean of All
  • Teachers Open with Chattanooga Friday
  • Davis Blames Jazz Madness on School Failure to Train
  • Woman Patent Lawyer Practices in Berlin
  • Jobless Young Man Does Well
  • Heating Plant Big Asset
  • Menus for the Family
  • Ten Eastern Football Teams Mobilize Under “Czar” Okeson
  • Summer School at Western Opens on June Eighth, Next
  • Value of Grounds at Western is One and Half Millions
  • Hillcrest, Serving Students, is Pretty Modern Building
  • Soldiers Two – August Haucke & Frank Haucke
  • Hornback, Raymond. Western’s Museum
  • Amongst Newest Buildings – College High
  • Loan Service Plays Big Part at Western
  • Beautiful Stadium at Western Was Once an Old Quarry That Gave No Hint of New Status
  • Poultry Raisers to Inspect Fine Plant of U. of K.
  • Hardy Trees Are Sent to Nation’s Grove Committee
  • Days of Hunting Jobs for School Students Arrive
  • Six Members to Hall of Fame is Result of Fair
  • Dean of Dollars – Roy Young


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