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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Class News
  • Club News
  • Graduates’ Directory is Conducted by W.J. Craig
  • Editorials
  • Library Notes – Kentucky Library
  • Lines & Spaces
  • Personals
  • Society
  • The Long & the Short of It by Pete & Repeat
  • The Stumbling Block by Charlene Nunn
  • Training School Notes

This issue contains articles:

  • Local Quartet Receive Ovation at Chapel Hour
  • Concluding Issue of Year Published
  • Date of Second Commencement Set for Aug. 25
  • Sherry Sisters Established Record
  • City Health Nurse Lectures to First Aid Class on Hill
  • Farm Students Vie for Judging Honors on Hill
  • Rules Involved in New Library Grouping City
  • Teachers Attend Recent Education Parley in Georgia
  • Class to Make Excursion Over Kentucky Soon
  • Famous Writer, Ends Stay Here - Silas Bent
  • Map Revisions are Submitted by Geographer
  • Mr. Sullivan Gibson to do Graduate Work in Massachusetts
  • Western Tennis Players Enter City Tournament
  • Art Dept. Enlarged During Past Year
  • Prof. Wood Appraises Newly Discovered Cave
  • Miss Louise Christie on Vacation
  • To Visit Tennessee Resort
  • First Aid Lectures Are Delivered Here
  • Horseflies Harass Teacher - J.P. Cornette
  • Mount, Harold. Kentucky Library Plans are Reviewed in Detail
  • Life Saving Class is Conducted Here by Miss C. Roemer
  • Rogers, Cecil. Student Responsibility
  • Non-Conformity
  • Former Student Has Outstanding Record of Work - C.C. Dawson
  • Childers, Anna. Sunset on College Heights
  • Letter from Alumni Secretary - W.J. Craig
  • Son of President Receives Honors at Eastern Camp - Henry Cherry
  • Robertson, Charley. Rain
  • Robey, Howard. Non-Conformity
  • Robertson, Charley. Afternoon on Saturday
  • Circus Alphabet Steps Inside
  • Wallis, Ray. Cedar Bluff College


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